Friday, February 4, 2011

What do Childbirth, Childrearing and New Floors have in Common?

Well, as I type this, it's Friday evening and the girls and I are confined to my bedroom. The flooring men are finishing up right in the hallway. The doors are open because they are connecting the carpet and laminate at the thresholds of the bathroom/master/girls room and closets. I was trying to entertain the girls, but finally I found a box of unused nursing pads in my dresser. Currently, the girls are unwrapping each one, peeling off the back and sticking them all over the walls. Each pad takes a couple of minutes to unwrap and peel, so I figure I have about 15 more minutes of computer time.
This week has been great.
I had the opportunity to meet with my students and their parents during conferences. I had 100% attendance. I love parent teacher conferences. This year was even more exciting for some reason. I sent the latest report cards home 2 weeks ago, so I didn't have to discuss that at all. The parents came prepared, knowing the areas of academic concern. I spent hours preparing individual take home packets designed for each child's needs. The parents seemed really willing and grateful for the guidance to support their child at home. The rest of the time in each conference was spent on discussion of character and social development. Our school uses the Covey "Leader In Me" program with the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. I love it!
This week has been a bit exhausting though.
Coming home from work later than usual, I faced an at-home job of prepping my floors for the laminate. I had a complete meltdown on Wednesday night. It was about midnight and I was trying to remove carpet from the stairs. I didn't have trouble removing it from the living room and dining room.
I was shocked at how the carpet installers must have been so determined that this carpet remain forever.
Removing carpet from these stairs was comparable to child birth. My gloved hands were pulling with all their might. I was using all of my body weight as leverage, but the thousands of staples popped out slowly and painfully one by one. Halfway through I began to weep. I was exhausted. I felt that I was completely justified in skipping my morning run. I almost quit. Then I laughed. I couldn't believe that I was letting this dirty old carpet get me down. With a determined restart, I yanked and yanked again and again. By 1 in the morning, I had the carpet and pad out and was prying up the tack strips. I was a hero in my own eyes, LOL. At 7:15 am, the real heros arrived to lay the gorgeous floor. When I returned from work nine hours later, I almost teared up at how beautiful it looked. Again, I felt the childbirth analogy take hold. Both the pain and misery of the night before were totally worth it. The floor is WOW and I never thought I would be a part of something so amazing.
Yes, the female hamsters who eat their newborns when the bones are still soft are pretty smart in some respects. I'd love to hear their reasoning. Is it the misery of pregnancy or the pain of labor that drives them to devour the helpless ones. Or do the hamsters see into the future? Child rearing is not easy. However, I wouldn't trade it for anything. It is trying, exhausting and messy BUT it is BEAUTIFUL!!

I still need to paint and reattach the baseboards and paint the orange-y oak cabinets white just like I still need to get my kids through teenage years and help them pay for college. I love my kids. I really like my developing home. I love my kids (I just said that, huh?)


  1. Those floor are beautiful, I want some just like those!

  2. Gorgeous! I have been watching the workers each time I drive down the street, and have been dying to see what you were doing. Thanks for the fun pics!