Saturday, February 5, 2011

Broke my own dating rules

It was a good date really.
Last year I thought that I would be ready to date by January 2011. Well, last month came and I said I still wasn't ready. Last week a man asked me out and I said no again. I would like to get to know him better, but I still wasn't ready. Today after taking my girls swimming, my little brother "asked me out" for a trial date. I think he has only asked a girl out once before and he has only been on one date since his dating years began 6 years ago. I told him for sure that I would go with him.
Shantelle's Dating Rules:
1. Home before midnight
2. Drive separately
3. Stay in public places
4. Keep my home off limits
5. No kids involved
6. No movie dates
Rules 5 and 6 were broken tonight.
My little brother doesn't know my dating rules though and I should have made it clear, but I thought, since he's my brother and I had no babysitter then I could bend the rules. I knew my girls would not be confused or worried because they know and love their uncle already.
We took my kids to the 9:25 pm show. One fell asleep on the way there, so I carried her into the theater. The other one fell asleep on my lap within the first ten minutes and, unfortunately, she's the one who occasionally wets the bed. Yep, my lap ended up being urine soaked halfway through the show. Lesson learned--No kids on dates. Even the fake dates.
The movie was really good though. We watched "Morning Glory". We also ran into Mary and Vicky from the ward (neighborhood congregation) where we grew up. It was great to reconnect with them. Those are 2 of my 15 favorite women in the world. Those friends and I and Shane and I only had maybe 10 minutes of real conversation. So, in getting to know someone that I need to be able to trust, I don't want to waste time in a dark theater.

I didn't get nervous at all on this "date" and I'm thrilled that I did it. I think I'm ready for dating (or almost ready). I tend to be over optimistic about my progress.

At least I know that I'll stick to those rules until I feel safe. However, when rule #5 is ready to be crossed off, I'm going to pack some pull-ups.


  1. I wish I would have been home so I could have watched the girls for you.....That bites!!! The urine sounds like you had a pretty fun date though!! Love you!!

  2. So glad that you had a fun date! I know your "date" did as well.
    Sorry about the wetting incident. I am still laughing at the story you told last night.. so funny!