Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Kindergartener

Here we go.

Today was Emerson's first day of full day kindergarten. She loved it!! I was able to eat lunch with her because my 3rd graders head out to recess the same time that her class goes to lunch. Right as I sat down, I asked "How do you like your new school so far?" She lit up, replying, "Mom! This is the best school ever. They feed you all day long! I was so hungry at my last school." REALLY?!?

She had been going to preschool in Malaysia for 4 and a half hours a day. They brought a snack from home everyday. In our neighborhood school, she only had half day kindergarten for 2 and a half hours. No, they didn't feed her there, but she was not sent to school hungry. So funny!
My school is a Title I school (which I love). Every child gets free breakfast daily and then snack 2 days a week. Lunch is available to purchase like at every school.

She made some good friends today and her teacher is the expert type. She has been teaching for 25 years and still is bounding with energy and saying things like "Hey Beautiful! You worked so hard today! I loved it!"
I'm relieved that she loves school lunch and has an awesome teacher.
Mostly, I'm thrilled that she's in the same building with me again.

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  1. That is so great! I was wondering today how it went. I am so glad that she is loved it and has a great teacher. That makes all the difference. Cute, cute pictures. I think it is so great that she gets to go to your school. Awesome.