Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trip to Idaho

We headed to Idaho on Thursday afternoon. After filling up at a gas station in Brigham City, I opened the back of the van and started rattling off roadtrip snack options. "Okay girls, this is what we have to eat: kale, red leaf lettuce, carrots, apples, peaches or plums. What do you want?" As they were giving me their requests, a male voice at the car next to me said, "Your kids eat that stuff?" I laughed, looked over and relied, "Oh yeah, they'll eat it all unless I walk in the store and buy cheetos and oreos."

A couple of hours later, Emerson requested cheetos and oreos.

We had a great time in Idaho. It was exciting to see some fabulous people again. Our first stop was outside of Black foot at my cousin's farm. She is so spunky and the girls loved her sweet attention.
Here's a shot of the girls inside one of the spud cellars with Daisy and Duke the lovable farm dogs.

We slept at the farm mansion and then set off for Rexburg the next day. Rexburg has expanded and changed so much since I was a student there in 1996. The highlight for us was the Rexburg temple set up on the hill. My girls love temples.

I didn't take many more pictures. I need to improve at being a photo-snapping mommy (I've been saying this for a full year since starting this blog)
We stopped to see my friend on campus. He met us in the planetarium and treated us to a brilliant star show. Emerson absolutely loved it! Kamryn got a little motion sick. She asked a couple of times if we were falling. As we left, we saw my friend up in an office on a higher floor and waited until he saw us. We blew him kisses and then went on our way. A few minutes later, he appeared behind us on the sidewalk and surprised us with chocolate kisses. He's fun. He walked home and we joined him later after I ran at the park as the girls played. Back in his yard we checked out his awesome play structure and huge pumpkin patch. The girls loved it! While he went back to work, I took the girls bowling. Later we went to my childhood friend's house. She's amazing. Her house is so clean and well put together.

My girls fell in love with her kids and asked if they could come back and play with their "new cousins". She and her family wouldn't return until late, but she arranged to have a babysitter there while I went out with my friend for the evening.
It was a great evening; he's a really kind friend. It started with a Thai Restaurant and ended with a drive and a walk around the temple. In between we enjoyed nature, people watching, conversation and even dancing in the park. I could have danced with him a lot longer, but I hadn't charged my iPhone, so our music ran out. He hasn't been divorced for too long and isn't ready for a relationship yet. You don't need to think I'll be married anytime soon just because we went to the temple grounds.

The next day we woke early, thanked our great hosts and headed to the Rexburg Temple one more time before leaving town. We seem a bit obsessed with the temple, but it's my favorite place to go and I look forward with so much excitement for the day when my kids can enjoy it with me on the inside too.
We met our friends, Miow Lin and her husband at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. My girls loved the Native American dancing and the ponies.

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