Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salad Assembly 101

I eat 2 nice salads each day. I grew butterleaf lettuce this year and picked it fresh each time I wanted a salad. Now, since school is back in session and we're a bit busier with balancing play and homework after a day away from each other, I make a four days' worth of salads at one time. I grab one for lunch as I head out and then I have one when I get home and feel ready to munch at 4:30 or just add it to our dinner. It's been great and my salads have so much more to them when I plan a time to listen to some music and chop with the beat.Zucchini and butternut squash cubes
Collard greens, spinach and carrot coins
Kale and broccoli
Packed and ready to store (after this shot, I remembered to add the garbanzo beans, so I opened them up and added the beans) For the past 6 months, I've been cooking dried beans overnight in the crock pot--this is my favorite. I didn't like using canned beans because of the price and the sodium level, but whenever I tried cooking dried beans on the stove I would mess them up and it seemed to take all day. The crock pot is the perfect way to get the beans just right!

I don't usually add dressing, but I keep a baggie of sunflower seeds and a baggie of almonds in my purse to add before eating.

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