Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Doctor Visit

Today we welcomed a doctor to our 3rd grade as a launch to the health unit on the Skeletal system. He brought a huge skeleton and pointed out joints and named about 30 bones then he asked a few questions, but realized he just needed to let them ask the questions.

The questions and answers made me laugh, so I started taking notes during the discussion.

Doctor: What are your bones made of?
Student A: Wood
Doctor: No actually it's in something we drink?
Student B: Milk--Bones are made of milk.

What's your butt made of?

How do you get disease?

Can you pop your knuckles?

Is it bad to twist your arm really weird?

How do your eyeballs stay in?

Does your tongue have bones?

Later in the day one girl told me that it was really weird that the doctor thought that the "finger" was the biggest bone in the body. I explained to the class that the thigh bone is the largest bone and is called the "femur"-- more than half of them though he said "finger".

I like being the observer occasionally. Funny kids. Patient doctor.

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