Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Memory from Budapest

During the Summer of 2001, I spent some time in Budapest, Hungary. On the 2nd morning, I woke before my hosts (my friend John and his parents) and headed out walking around the neighborhood on the Buda side. I loved it. The houses were brightly painted and beautiful flowers filled the window boxes. There were quite a few older men out in their yards or cleaning their driveways. As I walked passed I wanted to be friendly in their language so I used a term that had been said to me several times the day before. "Cs├│kolom!" The first man looked at me strangely, but smiled. But, by the 4th time I said this word to one of my temporary neighbors, I knew I was saying it wrong. But I remember how it sounded and I really thought I was pronouncing it correctly--it sounds like "Chocolom".
Later in the day while I was out shopping with John's mom, I asked her about the word. She laughed right out loud and told me that word is only said to women and it means "I kiss your hand".
Got it!

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