Monday, September 19, 2011

Adults can pretend too

This morning I played make believe that I'm a runner for my long run (jog) and then drove up to the hills above my parents' house to do some incline and decline sprints. It's my 3rd day of hills in this training for the Halloween Half and my calves were so sore that going down the stairs was painful, but I was stoked!
When I parked the van on the hill and started putting up the girls' tent, I noticed steam coming from the hood and tons of leaking fluid underneath. Last night, I had some overheating trouble and a friend helped me out by adding some water but couldn't see the problem at that time. I had scheduled an appointment at the car shop for this afternoon to find the problem. I shouldn't have been driving it until after the mechanic found the problem, but luckily I did drive it and I found the problem myself. There was a tiny hole in the return hose causing a steady fast stream of a leak.

Mr. Haddad, my parents' Lebonese neighbor, pulled over to assist me. He told me how easy it will be for my father to fix it. Well, dad wasn't home and isn't much of a mechanic, so I asked him to tell me what to do. Remove the clamps, take the hose to the auto supply store, buy a replacement and clamp the new hose into place. Easy!! So I broke into my parents house, borrowed some tools and the keys to my little brother's car and began removing the hose. My dad pulled up with my brother and I told them my plan. As my little brother was driving me to the auto parts store he asked who was going to tow my car. I re-explained that I could fix it. Mr. Haddad told me how to do it. Obviously, my brother has no faith in my pretending to be a mechanic.
I replaced the hose with a total cost of $3.99 and total labor time 15 minutes (because the car was still hot).

Finding the problem.
Removing the old hose by simply squeezing the clamps with pliers to loosen.

Buying the new hose.

Clamping it in place (and feeling pretty tricky for saving money) It looks great doesn't it?

Then I ran my hills and pretended to be a runner! I love make believe.

The girls get to play house in the tent while I play like I can run hills really fast (but in real life I am so slow).

The view from the bottom of hill one.

Saying goodbye to my tent dwellers at the bottom of the hill.

View from the top of hill one.

This last photo is my favorite--getting greeted by my tent dwellers at the bottom of hill #1. They do this outstretched arm run toward me at every lap at the park too--it totally keeps me going!! Love them!!


  1. Awesome pretending! Sometimes I pretend I have patience :)

  2. You are going to kick it on the halloween half. I am excited for you!! Nice work on the hose too. Wouldn't it be interesting to see what the mechanic would have charged?