Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ups and Downs on a Wednesday Night

I just got back from a roller coaster of a night. It started with a great road run in the hills by my parents house. I've been on a treadmill for so long that I forgot how awesome and difficult road runs can be. I didn't have music, which was okay. I had changed plans at the last minute and ditched my class at the gym for the run. The ups were really hard--I was sucking air and my legs were burning, but the downs were such a rewarding recovery.
After changing, I let my girls keep playing with grandma (she was so fun) and I left for my religion class. Peter Breinholt taught us tonight. The topic was putting off the natural man. I loved it! It was amazing how it fit into exactly what I have been studying about gaining more light and knowledge as we Come Unto Christ. We also discussed the differences between information, knowledge and wisdom. We can receive everything that Our Father offers us through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and receive it through the Holy Ghost as we put off the natural man and exercise faith, hope and charity. It was such a spiritual high that ended with Peter singing us a song that he had written for his son when his son was 4 years old. I really don't remember all of the great lyrics, but I remember how I felt as I sat in the chapel and soaked in the meaning and feeling of the song. What I gained from the song to the 4 year old was that I love my girls so much. A great part of being a single mom is that I can snuggle them, read to them, pray with them and then watch them drift off to sleep without any thing else to do for the evening. I've recognized this as such a blessing--I can just soak it all in and have nothing else on my list of things to do. The house is silent and there are no other duties and no one else that needs any attention. Bedtime is not a rush. Peter's song talked to the 4 year old about how quickly he will grow and leave the nest to fly. There will be great things to see and feelings to feel while soaring, but for now, the child is ours. My girls are safely in the nest for me to fall in love with over and over again. This was such a sweet experience for me tonight.
Contrast this to 35 minutes later as I'm driving toward home with my girls in the car, one of them screaming psychotically at the top of her lungs because she had fallen asleep at grandma's house and was disgusted that I dare take her back to our BORING house. Suddenly, I was ready to rush through bedtime and get as far away from this angry little bird as I could.
The Ups and Downs of being a single mom on a Wednesday night. Lovely.

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  1. You are awesome. It sounds like a night I should have been with you for the whole time. I could have used the run and the spiritual boost. I love music. It always speaks to my heart. Love you!