Sunday, March 13, 2011

And who is my neighbor??

A certain woman was traveling from Ogden to Layton, but because of her disorganization was without a cell phone and had an empty gas tank on the freeway. Her mistakes left her half frustrated. And by chance there came carfuls of people just like her, coming from the same meeting she just left. Some of them didn't see her. Some slowed, looked at her and passed on their way speedily. Likewise, others, not of her faith, looked on her and passed by. She began running towards civilization to refuel, because walking would take hours. She did worry though about how long the return trip would take on foot because her dress boots were not like her expensive running shoes and after ten minutes of running, she was already getting blisters.
But a certain Samaritan (one not like her), as he journeyed, came where she was and when he saw her, he had compassion on her. He pulled over and offered her a ride in his own beast. When she responded with "I don't ride alone with men, but thank you so much for offering" His rough face was kind and he said, "I'll be back with another woman to ride with us" She didn't think he would return and she wondered if anyone else might save her from her mistakes. Ten minutes later he returned with a woman who appeared to have had as rough a life as he. They took her the rest of the way to the gas station, returned the grateful woman to her car to find that her car wouldn't start. With very dirty hands, this Samaritan opened the hood of her car, fiddled around while explaining the gas was too low and he had to help it inject itself, and got her car started. She handed him all the cash that she had (less than $20--she would have paid $40) for saving her in her own mistakes. He refused the money until she said, "I know that you didn't help me for money. I know that you don't want to accept it. Please take it though before I start crying. Do you want me to cry?" He smiled and took it. She drove away.

Which of these was neighbor unto she that fell frustrated with her disorganization?
He that shewed mercy (and patience with her driving with men rule). Go then and do likewise. I know I will try to be more observant and willing to go out of my way even if someone has brought misfortune upon themselves.


  1. Thanks for sharing Shantelle - brought a tear to my own eye.

  2. I love that he went so far as to pick up another woman to ride with you. What an angel!

  3. What a story!! Brought me to tears!! I'm so glad you are ok!! It's amazing how many people; wonderful, unassuming, good Samaritans are out there!! I have been stranded many times because of car trouble. I have had two very similar experiences. It makes you SO grateful for all the "unlikely" good Samaritans out there!!

  4. Oh Shan, I am so sorry that had to happen to you. That is amazing that certain man was so respectful and still truly wanted to help that he made it work. Wow! I totally want to be that kind of person. Thanks for sharing. I love the feel good stories like this!

  5. You told that story like a VanShaar! What a great story. I'm sorry it happened to you. Thanks for sharing it. I'm glad you got home safe.