Sunday, March 27, 2011

Such a Liar

We don't start out on this parenthood journey thinking that it will be easy. There are surprises though. We expect occasional sleepy tantrums, spilled cups and wet beds. The biggest shock came last summer when she looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and innocent expression and told a BIG FAT LIE. I couldn't believe it. I didn't handle it well. I told her that I knew she was lying and I never wanted her to lie again. Her eyes grew wide with amazement as she asked, "How did you know that was a lie?" In my "brilliance" I told her this STUPID LIE:

All moms know when kids lie because a new dot appears on the child's forehead. She ran to the bathroom mirror to look for the new dot. "Only moms can see the dots" I clarified.

The next couple of times that she tried to cover up a wrongdoing, I would ask if she was telling the truth, and she would place a hand over her forehead while stating, "Of course I am telling the truth".

I really thought I was pretty clever--her hand goes over her forehead and I know she's lying--then I pretend that I see a new dot.

RIDICULOUS PARENTING--especially if she learns that I was trying to "teach" honesty with a big ole lie myself "dots on forehead", whatever.

Kids want to please us. The first lies are told in an attempt to keep the adult happy. I thought I had fixed my parenting mistake here with several Family Home Evening Lessons on trust and honesty, but today the dot theory resurfaced and I felt horrible.

After our church, we went to my cousin's church for her son's mission farewell talk. That kid is one popular guy--there were more people in that building than I have ever seen. We arrived a few minutes late and sat in the overflow (the foyer with tons of folding chairs set up).

There were lots of teenagers around--one girl had a lot of acne marks on her forehead--yes, you see where this is going.
Emerson leaned over to Kamryn and in a not-so-quiet whisper "See that lady? She's such a liar!"


  1. Wait a minute... that story sounds familiar! ;)

  2. Yep, she did it again. I told you about the awkward grocery store scene with the bagger boy at Bowman's right? She just kept staring at his forehead like she had never seen acne before (I have plenty, so I didn't understand her weird obsession with the poor teenager's forehead). As he walked away after placing the bags in our car, she asked, "Mom does he tell lies? Did you see the marks on his forehead?" I knew he was still within earshot, so I replied, "No those marks mean that he is changing from a boy to a man" As we drove away I explained the dot theory was just me teasing her, but she obviously hasn't let it go and that was months ago.

  3. OH my gosh, I just laughed out loud. I hate when our parenting lies (which I think is okay in some instances :) comes back to BITE us in the butt. Ah, at least they will remember. I think it was quite clever. Love you. Thanks for always making me smile.