Friday, January 14, 2011

Ladies' Room Gossip

I didn't have my girls tonight. I had been invited to go out to a church dance by my friend Cherise and my other friend Ben. I went, not really feeling in the mood for dancing. This dance was held at a stake center (large LDS building) in Farmington. I was really impressed with the organization and presentation. Ben paid $6 for the both of us. This gave us free coat check, admission to the dance and all you can eat kiwis, strawberries, awesome veggies, ice water and pizza (for those who have already gone astray from resolutions).
Signs were nicely posted directing people to the eating rooms and the conversations rooms. There were also nice tablecloths and vases of long stem roses. The average age of the other dancers was 55+. I just assumed it was a 30+ dance (There were no signs to turn younger people away). There were VERY few under 40 and I really think there were only 6 of us under the age of 35. After I had danced with Ben and then a few grandpas, the DJ finally played some fast songs (my favorites) and I ran into Cherise and her friends from Ogden. We really got into the music (lots of Oldies*). Most of the dancers danced in couples during all songs--fast or slow. Those of us born after 1970 dance in mixed gender circles or groups during the fast songs and then we usually leave the dance floor or dance with a partner of the opposite sex when a slow song begins. I learned in the ladies' room that we kind of stick out when we jump around in a circle near the front of the dance floor.
Anyway, after working up a sweat, I wandered around the building until I found a restroom. It was quite crowded with women primping near the mirrors, so I weaved my way in and found an empty stall. The restroom seemed to empty quickly after that and then I heard 4 women talking about how they HATE all the young girls that come to these dances. "Isn't this supposed to be 45 and older?" Then one replied in a squeaky fake voice, "Well, I'm only 29 and I can come here if I want to!!" Laughter . . . another voice "I'm 26 and I have no idea how to dance, but I just bounce around so all the men can look at me!!" and finally, the first one "I never ask men to dance, I just dance with my friends and wait for the men to ask me!!" (Isn't that the traditional way??)
OUCH!! Seriously!! Are they making fun of us??? Wow!!
I should have stayed in the stall until they vacated, but I couldn't resist.
I appeared at the sink behind them and watched their jaws drop through the reflection in the mirror. (I guess that they didn't realize I was in the stall--I had thought that they were saying it so I could hear) I smiled and asked, "Will you guys teach me how to dance?" They left and I washed my hands in peace and quiet, but I was also more aware of how I may be making others feel. I was ready to go home. I did have fun and I am glad that I went out, but it was time to go home--and blog about the lesson in the ladies room.

*Oldies-- Tangent story: Earlier this week, in a group fitness class, an instructor said, "This next song is an oldie and has been requested" I braced myself for a song from the 50's or 60's, but laughed when I heard the song "Ice, Ice, Baby" by Vanilla Ice. I guess songs from my jr high years are now called "oldies"--so funny!! I'm a grown up now.

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