Sunday, January 16, 2011

Put the doctor on the repentance bench

In the court documents for my divorce, my husband only gets one week long visit with the girls each summer. In real life, though, I have made it clear that he can have them whenever he wants as long as a calm, safe adult is also there with him. He hasn't called for the girls much. We have been home since the middle of July and they have had six visits less than 24 hours each and 1 visit that lasted 48 hours.

Well, three weeks ago Santa dumped a lot of toys at daddy's house and the girls were not allowed to bring them home. This made sense to me because he needs toys at his house, but the girls were quite distraught about leaving the loot. I had contacted him a couple of times to see if the girls could come visit. Each time he said, "well, no, they can't come here, but maybe I could just come and hang out at your house" UMMM NO!! H___ No!! I explained my rule about no adult males in my house unless they are related to me or I have plenty of safe people around with me. He didn't understand and acted confused and hurt, but I don't really care about hurting people's feelings anymore if it means that I get to keep control of my territory and my rules.
Finally, I suggested Emerson call her dad the next time she asked me about playing with the toys at his house. Having her call was the key!! She negotiated a 2 night stayover--which meant I got to go play with my friends 2 nights in a row too!!! I think she is our new visit scheduler.

Anyway, Kamryn sang in sacrament meeting at church this morning and so I suggested he drop the girls off to me at church and stay to see Kamryn pretend to sing with the other 3 yr olds. They were late, but right when I saw Emerson, I knew she was sick. When I got a wiff of her breath I diagnosed her with strep (really, is medical school even necessary??). When the meeting ended we headed to an urgent care clinic. They scheduled an appointment for 90 minutes later. We returned to the clinic at noon and after waiting in the large waiting room for a long time, we were invited to the exam room (really a smaller waiting room) to wait even longer. I have to admit I was really missing the medical care and attention that we used to receive in Malaysia at the fancy Prince Court medical center--I never waited more than 5 minutes there. Apparently, I muttered something like, "Wow, that doctor needs to get in here right now." Kamryn has heard me say this to her before in my school teacher/mom "I mean it" voice. Lately, she has had trouble following directions the first time that they are given, so she has spent a few minutes on our repentance bench (time out) almost everyday this week. So, the wheels started turning in her head as I was losing my patience. Suddenly, she screamed "DOCTOR WHERE ARE YOU?? MOMMA SAID COME RIGHT NOW!!"
Oh my goodness! I hushed her quickly and then explained that she shouldn't be screaming and bossing doctors around. Her method worked though. The doctor came right in and apologized for getting behind schedule.
Kamryn looked up at the doctor and said, "You're gonna get put on the 'pentance bench". Luckily, her articulation is still developing, so the doctor didn't have a clue what was said and just went about her business as doctors usually do.
Oh, and Emerson does have strep.
Dr. Shan

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  1. Oh my word, I love reading your posts!! So sorry about strep. Darn it! I think kamryn should yell at the dr.s to hurry up more often. I think i'll swing past to get her if I need to go. So adorable! Hope E is feeling better. P.s. rylee was so bummed yesterday when we didn't go to aunt shantelle's. She didn't like the every other week schedule when I explained it. Hahaha.. you definitely have big fans of that!