Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back in the Singles Scene

I ventured into unfamiliar territory.
I went to my first over 30 Singles activity. We actually have a name. We are "Mid Singles" not "Young Singles" or "Geriatric Singles". I have been attending the Wednesday night religion class in Centerville each week. This class sponsored a Saturday night bowling activity in Ogden last night.
I arrived a bit early and didn't recognize anyone that looked like a "Mid Single" person. I lined up in the bowling line to pay and get a lane--it was a long line so I figured that I had time to search out some of my peers to join me in line so I wouldn't bowl in a lane by myself. Before I knew it, I was next up to the cashier.
I panicked--saw some singlish looking people, but didn't want to yell to them (and they wouldn't even know me), so I left the enormous line and found some safety in the restroom. I took some deep breaths. I wasn't sure if I was actually ready to be in a social setting where people were having fun, but at the same time, scoping out others for eternal companions. Even though I don't feel ready for scoping, I do want to meet some friends in my similar situation. It would be nice to find a few friends who are single moms with young kids just like me.
I made a deal with myself that I would go back out to the bowling area for five minutes. If I didn't feel comfortable or didn't see anyone that I recognized from our huge class, then I would excuse myself from the "fun" and probably not venture out to an activity for another 6 weeks. I guess this could be called the Groundhog plan.
As it turns out, I bravely left the safety of the ladies room and within seconds spotted my friend Rory. Rory and I met 10 years ago. We reconnected at Wednesday's religion class a few days ago. Rory and I ended up tagging along in a bowling lane with 4 new friends and we had a blast!! I managed to get the lowest score both games--too bad we weren't on the golf course, right?


  1. That's a giant first step. Good for you! :) I'm not single and my kids seem decades older than yours (mostly just because they're gone all day) but I still want to hang out. :)

  2. I'll have to hook you up with my sister. She is recently single (and has a little girl in kindergarten at Stewart) and has felt the same "hello-again-single-scene" that you described. You two would have a blast!