Saturday, November 6, 2010


Things are going really well.
I'm excited to start working after Thanksgiving. My girls are really adjusting to the idea of me starting to teach again. Today, Emerson said, "You know mom, you did a really good job at pretending to be a nanny and maid." That made me feel really good. She is such a sweetheart and looks after me. She knows that I was no where near as good as our Indonesian nanny and Philippina maid, but she saved me from feeling like a failure.
I love my girls so much. I'm so grateful for their health and their innocence. It's a privilege to be responsible for training these Spirit Sisters of mine.
I'm grateful for our house and our supportive family. My sisters, Jessica, Shelly and Sherra have been such good friends to me lately. My brother Shane has been so helpful around the house and yard. My girls love when he visits. I am so grateful for renewed relationships with some of my cousins too.
I'm really thankful recently for the resurrection of my MacBook Pro. Luckily, my boss, who is a Mac guru replaced the hard drive for me and downloaded hundreds of dollars worth of software. It feels wrong to be so thrilled to be reunited with a machine, but oh it is fabulous!!

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