Sunday, June 5, 2011

An App for serial daters

I'm not a serial dater, but I have been increasing my dating frequency. For those of you who have read some of my posts, you know that I have some interesting procedures (rules) for my dating practice. It gives me confidence and control over situations and I love it. One such procedure is that I don't go out with the same person unless I have done at least a quick lunch date or some other social event with a different guy. I don't want to get serious with one person too soon AND I feel like I'm learning a lot from new friends. I dated a bit earlier this year and wasn't impressed with anyone in particular. Recently though I have been quite impressed with someone, so I've been out with other guys in between the dates with Mr. Impressive. A week ago a coworker asked me if I would meet her neighbor. The next day she brought her husband in to work to meet me. Apparently, he and this neighbor have been close buddies since 2nd grade, so I had to pass his approval. I guess I passed because we went to a BBQ at the friend's house.
It was really fun. They are great people. I'm really glad that we went (yeah, I took my girls). I was really proud of Emerson for being kind and accepting even though some were drinking adult beverages.
Anyway, as I was getting to know this new guy, my brain hit overload. I was getting new info about his interests, family and career all jumbled up with info from 3 or 4 guys that I have recently met.

I remembered what Mr. Impressive had suggested that there needs to be a dating app that helps you store info on new acquaintances so you don't fumble (like I did with Mr Impressive) and mix up facts about a different guy. Before date number 3 or 4, you just pull up the info and study up so you look like you can manage important info about important people.

So all you app creators out there--get back to work :-). Your genius is apprecated.

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  1. I am glad you need an app like that. I hope you are enjoying it! Xoxox