Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break Part 1 in Pictures

Bunny Friday afternoon-- We bought 3 bunnies from the farmer store. With my amateur vet skills I decided we had 3 females--one runt, all sisters. The next day the farmer store gave me the pedigree charts. The "runt" is a dwarf 2 year old female. The other 2 are 6 week old brother and sister.

The girls were so attentive during General Conference. I told them that any time the prophet spoke or an apostle spoke, they would need to sit quietly and listen. The bunnies helped with the reverence.

ADOPTION DAY--So Exciting!!

Shantelle and Sawyer
Sharla, Sawyer and Judge Dawson (bailiff and lawyer also)
Mom, Dad, Sharla, Sawyer, Shelly, Kamryn, Shantelle, Princess Emerson (don't know why she had that crown on), Connor and Emma
New Mom and Cute Daughter
Emerson and Kamryn at Spring Dress Rehearsal (singing class)

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  1. My kids keep talking about your bunnies. Rylee said "mom, you would die they are so cute" I told them we could get bunnies if we got right of Sam, they didn't go for that :) glad you guys are doing well. This weather is really not helping out with spring break!! Love all the pictures. So cute. P.s. you look adorable in that hat!