Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mom My Body Doesn't MAKE Courage

One of the many reasons that I love being a mom is for the many times that I am reminded of important Eternal Truths. This special week and the weeks before this one I have really focused my study around the Atonement of Jesus Christ and not just the purifying effects, but the power we can gain from seeking to align our thoughts and actions to His.

Driving around this afternoon, this was the conversation between Emerson and me.
E: Mom you know how some people's bodies don't make insulin?
M: Yeah
E: Well, I am pretty sure my body doesn't make courage.
(Yesterday at school our awesome school counselor read a book to Emerson's Kindergarten class about courage and then later in the day, the counselor directed an excellent assembly on courage)
M: Well, remember what we learned yesterday at school? In order to have courage you have to practice being courageous.
E: That works for most people, mom, but I know that my body doesn't make courage.
This is when I was taught by the words leaving my mouth.
M: Emerson, Heavenly Father and Jesus love you. They want you to get help from them. Do you think that they have Courage?
E: Yeah, They have more courage than everyone.
M: Do you think they want you to have courage?
E: Yes.
M: How will you get help from them?
E: Pray for it.
M: When you ask Heavenly Father for Courage, I know that He will give you courage, but He will expect you to practice courage too.

She didn't say anything else, but in my heart I felt the Spirit testify that what I said was true and very applicable at this time in my life. I needed the testimony that I shared. I love being a mom.

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