Sunday, March 16, 2014

8 Days Post Trauma oh and a couple of Birthday Celebrations

So, Oreo our hen is doing great!  We put in over 30 stitches last Saturday after she was attacked by a neighbor's dog.  Today, we went into remove the stitches, but discovered some infection, so we opened a third of it back up, cut out the infection, cleaned out more space of feathers and dead tissue and then closed her up.  I have some photos this time.  My mom wanted to "see" what was happening.

Our scrub nurse, Daniel comforts the patient.  Oreo was a little less out of it this weekend.  Last weekend, she was in such shock that she didn't fuss much at all. 

There was a thin layer of grossness that had to be sliced off and removed.  Sorry for the goriness, but I know my mom wants as much detail as she can get.

Kamryn's Icy Igloo cake with hershey's "penguins" on top.  She is easy to impress.  I love being her mom.

 The pinata after the attack.  All the kids loved hitting at it. Philip successfully emptied it after everyone had a couple of turns.
Emerson and Kamryn decorated David's office door at work.  We left early as if we were going to the gym, but really we announced to the local science people that David is now 40.  Kamryn even cut up her birthday crown from school she wore the day before to help make his door more festive.  She really loves her step-dad.  Emerson was just excited to play a trick on him.

 David got this great quilt from his oldest sister.  She made it out of some of his mom's clothing and material.  David lost his mom to cancer a few years ago, so this was a tender mercy to receive.
We reserved a walleyball court on campus to try out.  It was a blast!!  Daniel loves going to campus with us to swim or play any type of ball game.

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