Saturday, August 9, 2014

Our Property

  We already love it, but we also have big plans for changes to the yard.  It sits on 2.6 acres of property.  I'll just post a bunch of photos that Kamryn and I took today.
This is the sitting area near the kitchen/dining area.
We're gearing up to make David's yummy strawberry/rhubarb jam.  The kids go gaga for his jam.  They really could use a jar in 2 days, so when we get lots of strawberries, we make jam.
Playhouse flowers--girls LOVE them.
Daniel and Kamryn play in here a bunch.  It needs a little TLC.
Kamryn took these from the inside.  I go in occasionally, but I'm getting larger and it seems to be shrinking.

This is the spot for my future zen garden/yoga place.  Right now, David has been thinning out those junk trees.  He'll put in some nice willows instead of the dying cottonwoods.  When we moved in, there were twice as many trees right here.  Many branches were black and dying because no light could reach them.  It looks much better now and still provides shade.  That hammock is what Emerson wanted for her birthday in June.  She loves that place!

The Garden

 Three Rows of corn stalks.
 Lots of onions
 Two apple trees.  We will plant many more fruit trees in the Spring of 2015.
 Asparagus--more than we would ever need.
 Crooked neck squash
Peas and Beans
 This is an old hammock on the south side of the pond.
 These are my two girls on the north side of the deck.
 This is our entry way.  The previous owners had a formal living room on one side and an office on the other.  We use their old office as Daniel's bedroom.  Since we have absolutely no need for a formal living room, David and I put our desks in there and Kamryn's electric piano.
 The driveway is huge.  You can see only the part nearest the garage is cement.  The rest of it is gravel.
 This fall we plan to cut down many of the old poplar trees putting so much shade in this undeveloped section.  Next Spring we'll plant lots of fruit trees for an orchard.
Kamryn has learned to transpose songs from the key of C to the key of F.  I'm continually impressed with the 3 year "Let's Play Music" program she is in.  This is her third year and soon she'll be ready for violin classes.  
Her electric piano sits in our front office/unpacking room--it's still a mess.  I have been busy with my doctorate classes (and been dealing with pregnancy sickness).  I haven't finished unpacking/organizing or decorating.  David has done so much work!  I'm ready to contribute now--as my classes just ended.
 David just found this canoe on Craig's list.  He's been hunting for kayaks and canoes and finally found this beauty for $250.  We love it!
 David is pruning down this massive lilac bush near the deck.  He already cut a huge pine down that was sickly and planted way too close to the other side of the deck.  Now we have a clear view of kids playing in the playhouse from the kitchen window.
 These flowerbeds next to the house are full of strawberry plants.
 There are 3 or 4 islands like this on the property.  The previous owners took really great care of them.  I think we'll simplify a bit.
 This is pumpkin our lone hen.  She forages for bugs and worms all day and then sleeps in the coop at night.  Her friend Oreo was snatched by a black lab during the second morning at our new house.  Oreo was the hen who had been attacked twice in our last neighborhood and needed 40+ stitches ;-)
 All of the middle kids love this tree platform.  Even the teenagers have invited friends to come hangout on the tree house.
 I find the rope ladder to be stressful.  I climbed up there the other day with Kamryn and Emerson.  We were reading book 2 in the Fabelhaven series.  My heart was racing from the scary climb even fifteen minutes into our 45 minute session.  Crazy!  I think I'll try to build a different platform in another tree, but my ladder rungs will be huge and secured right on the trunk for all the pregnant women who care to join me.  I believe David plans on having a zip line start from this tree platform and take you across the pond.
We work hard to keep up with these 2 rows of raspberries.  There are so many.  It's good we have lots of gobblers here to help.

 Here's the hen house near the garden.  The wheelbarrow doesn't get much use because we have a tracker/trailer machine that carries many more branches over to the fire pit.
This huge stretch of lawn has been great as our kids have gotten involved in soccer this year.  They were all terrible at the beginning of the summer.  It's been really fun to play and coach to get them to have age appropriate dribbling, shooting and passing skills.  Oh, I can't even describe how unskilled they were in June.  It was scary.  David and I are not really big into sports and we hadn't involved our kids early enough.  David's ex-wife hasn't involved her kids in anything athletic--she did come watch 2 of her kids' games.   My ex-husband would love for our daughters to be more involved.  Emerson had been in gymnastics and probably will again soon.

Oh and we didn't take photos of the undeveloped area that will be our campground.  We'll have a fire pit and paths between pine trees.  That is where we'll make a more gradual slope in the bank of the pond.

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