Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The "Love You" Student

I love my husband so completely that my face muscles ache from smiling too much when I think of him for more than 3 minutes at a time.  So, I'm here ready to go up to bed with the words "Love You" on my eyelids.  I'm thinking back about a year.  Last September, as I was falling in love with David, he was still dating other ladies.  One, in particular, made me a bit competitive.   She was 5 years younger than me with no children AND she was a college student.  She was not in any of David's physics classes, but she was a student nonetheless so obviously the scene from Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Arc) kept popping into my head.
This college student attended Professor Indiana Jones's Archaeology 101 class in 1936. As one of Jones's female admirers at Marshall College, she expressed her sentiment by writing "LOVE YOU" across her eyelids. During Doctor Jones' lecture, the student flashed the words at him when their eyes momentarily met, causing the teacher to lose his focus and speech to stammer when the bell rang to indicate the end of the class, and the student exited with her peers.

So anyway, a year later, I still think of this scene from the movie.  He has assured me that if I ever take one of his classes, I may not love him as much as I do now.  He's pretty tough and doesn't have the female admirers that my imagination has given him.  Physics would not be my choice of class to take.  I finally confessed to him that I only knew that vectors have direction and magnitude because I have watched Despicable Me a few times and the young skinny villain names himself Vector and defines the term.

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