Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Photos and Fall Greetings

Fall Greetings from a dining room table for 9 in Idaho!!!

My girls and I are doing well here at our new home with our new family.  School has been in session for us for the past 3 weeks and David starts teaching again at the university tomorrow.  He'll still be the stay - at - home parent, but will teach college classes while Kamryn is at her afternoon kindergarten class.  He's home with her and with his youngest (18 months) during the morning and lunch time.  He's also home when Kamryn and Emerson get home from school.  He has been such a blessing for them both.  I am still the recipient of the greatest blessings of David in my life, although I think my girls would argue with me on that.

Here's a bunch of photos from summer time that I never made time to blog about.

 Our Day-After-the-Wedding hike to my childhood favorite waterfall with the family.
Under the falls
 Riding scooters on the wooden sidewalks in Jackson WY.

 Our youngest daughters danced with the Indonesian hand clapping dancers during the International Festival.
 Climbing trees is always a summer activity for my little monkeys.
 Enjoying the Botanical Gardens on campus near our house.

 Swimming lessons for the 4 middle kids.
 Camping and Fishing with Daddy David

 Spulunking in the Minnetonka Cave with my parents.  We spotted this moose bottom feeding at a nearby pond.  This is on the border of Idaho and Utah.

 On the Mountain Summit between Idaho and Wyoming.
Jackson WY.
We're excited for fall.  We plan on a week long visit to Utah the first week in October and then to harvest the pumpkins and sell them before Halloween.

I have a sprint triathalon on October 27th on campus. In November I'll complete the Lazyman Ironman.  I'll have the whole entire month to complete 26 miles of running, 112 miles of biking and 2.7 miles of swimming.   It will all be tracked in the Fitness Gym on campus and I should be able to finish in less than 2 weeks.

My big triathalon is December 1st.  So all my fall training will go towards this big day!!  I'm excited!  I can get all of my training done before work and after my girls go to bed except on Saturdays for 3 hours and Wednesday nights for 1 hour of strength training.  One of the thousands of reasons that I love being married to David is that I get a Spouse card to use all the university exercise facilities, classes and pool for FREE!!  I didn't even know this when he proposed last year.  Happy Fall to You ALL!!

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  1. Looks like everyone is enjoying the "new" life. So happy for you! You truly deserve it.