Saturday, October 16, 2010

Antelope Island

The girls helped me with the yard today so we could hurry and get out to the island. While I was emptying the mulch bag from the lawn mower, E asked, "Mom, do you like pretending to be the dad by mowing the lawn?" I laughed and responded, "Even if we had a daddy living at our house, I would love to take my turn with the grass cutting!!" I think sometimes this 5 yr old of mine worries about me.
We packed a picnic and drove 14 minutes to the island. They love it!! We love it!! We usually drive around looking for buffalo and then park the car and hike down to the beach.
We have always had the beach to ourselves, but today there were lots of tourists. Having enjoyed the beautiful shore before, we were prepared with towels, a large blanket, swim suits and drinks. The tourists reach the shoreline with nothing but cameras. Oh, how I would have loved to have a camera today!!! I bought a nice camera in Malaysia and I have it here in the US with me, but, unfortunately the battery charger has a Malaysian electrical plug. I haven't found a store here which carries the right adapter.
The tourists were from various parts of the US, Russia, Mexico and Brazil. It was nice to use my Portuguese a bit today with the Brazilian family. I am terribly rusty though--I could tell they were thinking "Oh come on already, just speak English with us".
The tourists were mostly in jeans and shirts with long sleeves. Some rolled up their pant legs and waded a bit. Some just stood there watching my girls play in the sand for a little bit before they started taking photos of their loved ones on the shore. I wish that I would have just asked someone to take my girls pictures and then email them to us.
Next week I will buy a camera.
The 3/4 mile hike back to the car is a bit difficult, but we do it the same everytime. E is a trooper and collects rocks while humming or singing pleasantly to herself. K becomes whiny after short distances and insists on riding on my shoulders for longer stretches. Today I had quite a bit in my huge backpack plus E's rock collection was too large for her to carry so she stopped me occasionally to add more into the pack. I really felt a bit shaky and faint when we finally made it to the van and I took off the huge pack and the 30 pound 3 yr old. I was dehydrated. Yesterday, I watched my brother's kids along with mine and I didn't drink enough water throughout the day. Six kids keep you pretty busy and easily distracted.

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