Thursday, July 7, 2011

Breakfast of a Champion Wannabe

I used to eat breakfast just because it is "the most IMPORTANT meal of the day". Now I eat it because I LOVE it!! Since November, I've made a Green Smoothie (fruits and veggies) with protein powder, but this week I changed things up DRAMATICALLY!!
In the past, I sometimes sleepily forgot to add the protein powder and the smoothie tasted so much better and was less frothy. The drawback was that I had to mix up some water and protein powder and down it on the way out the door--yuck!

Now, I down the water/powder BEFORE treating my self to the fruit/veggie breakfast dessert.
8 oz of cool water with one scoop of vanilla OR chocolate whey, whisk, then drink as fast as possible.
Now here's the fun and yummy part:
Choose a few fruits (I like to make 1 choice frozen usually blueberries) and a couple of veggies. Today's 1 1/2 smoothie had 4 strawberries, 1 ripe banana (riper=sweeter), 4 scoops of cantaloupe, 6 chunks frozen mango, purple cabbage (4 palm sized leaves), and 6 leaves of romaine lettuce. I add about 6 oz of water too. (Note: If I have 2 medium workouts or 1 long run then I'll add yogurt, OJ or milk to boost the caloric count, but I never add sugar)
This Ninja blender is what I got for Valentine's Day from my true love (myself). I love it!!

Making smoothies every morning has given me amazing skill at eyeballing. Here's me bragging about how I can make a perfect amount for my full glass and Emerson's half glass. (Shantelle, you are pretty much awesome!!)
What does Kamryn eat, you ask? Well, for the past 2 weeks, she has eaten a piece of wheat bread with tomato ketchup. Gross, I know. She's addicted. (Shantelle, you are pretty much awesome at the indoctrination of smoothies into Emerson's diet, you still have a lot of work with Kamryn--You can do it!!)


  1. I think that I need to be invited over for breakfast so I can try this out. I have this great habit of eating cold cereal...yours looks much better!

  2. I have read some things recently about green smoothies. I can't wait to try it out.