Friday, May 13, 2011

Photos from Mothers Day and an Island Getaway

We had nothing planned on Mothers Day. I wasn't depressed or anything, but it would be a quiet Sunday. At church though, a neighbor family invited us to have lunch at their house. I teared up at the invitation and was a little embarrassed about my tears. I thought it was so kind of this woman to share her Mothers Day with my little family. After the lunch she presented me with this bouquet and her daughter gave my daughters a manicure and helped them write sweet notes to me.
This zebra pattern was the chosen artwork for tiny nails--they loved it!

After a full week of cold rain, we became reacquainted with the sun yesterday. It was beautiful so we went directly to Antelope Island after school.

Emerson the blossoming photojournalist. She is super selective and knows how to use the delete button--a bit hyper critical of her shots.
I love Antelope Island. My girls love it too. I want to go biking without the girls sometime--I would stay for hours.
She took her climbing seriously and went WAY higher than I should have allowed. No falls occurred thankfully.
My little mountain goats love climbing the rock formations.
Lovely isn't it? This is a view from the causeway north of the island. The Oquirrh Mountains are the snow-covered ones beyond the island.

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  1. Looks way fun!! What a good mom you are!! Your girls are very lucky!!